A Holiday Resort in the Aegean region.. Akarca

Akarca, Turkey – wondersofthemediterranean.com

If you prefer to spend your time at a place with beautiful clean sea (blue-flag) and enjoy local food with a comfortable mind and do not particularly look forward to experiencing unpleasant surprises (such as over priced bills, unkind treatment and even unreliable people around – which apply to most crowded places all over the world really) it might be for your best benefit to take a look at places like AKARCA, to the South of Izmir..

Now just to remind, the author of this article lives at AKARCA and this is original information (based on personal experience) for those who would be interested in such places…


AKARCA is a holiday resort in Seferihisar 50 kms to the south of IZMIR..

It takes 20-30 minutes by car, from Izmir..
It is about 60 kms from SELCUK where historical ruins lile Ephesus
and Virgin Mary’s house are located..
It has a very peaceful atmosphere, unspoiled nature,very clean (blue flag) sea
and truly friendly people..
This place is absolutely very ideal for holiday makers or people who would like
to settle down in a peaceful and beautiful place..
House prices are quite reasonable at the moment..especially compared
to popular places like Urla, Çesme etc..

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