Accommodation in Turkey, Hotels

HOTELS ISTANBUL TURKEYTurkish Tourism Industry has made great progress in the past decades via building new roads, accommodation facilites (hotels, motels, holiday villages) and improving communication infrastructure in the country.

Not only a long time ago, did Turkey lack enough capacity for hosting big tourist crowds. Whereas now the country has more capacity than most starring countries in the world of tourism.

In Istanbul for instance, you can find top top luxury hotels as well as suitable ones for visitors with relatively limited budgets

Below is a general description of hotel categories in Turkey. However, the quality of service and amenities is likely to vary from one hotel to the other in all categories. The lower rate may not specifically mean inferior service.

Tips for choosing a hotel in Istanbul:

Old Town: Best location for sightseeing.

Pera District (around Beyoglu area): Best location for nightlife and restaurants.

Modern town: Most of the deluxe hotels in Istanbul are in the modern town.

Cities along the coast: Holiday villages are a choice for relaxing, swimming etc… for top dollars. Small hotels are for the traveler who don’t care much about swimming but rather sightseeing. There are also some 5 and 4 star hotels with special rates which offer great accomodation with medium prices.

Special category: The hotel is either a historic or a rebuilt authentic style building. The amenities and the quality of services varies greatly in this category.

3 STAR and lower category hotels: A nice place to sleep for most of the time. There are hotels with no stars, or with lesser stars which are equally good as the 3 star hotels. At the 3 star category and lower the management becomes the most important criteria which the traveler wouldn’t be aware of. Recommendations would help for 3 stars hotels and lower categories.

You can find good places which may be cleaner, nicer than higher category hotels. The point is you should choose, as not all 3 stars are created equally!

4 STAR hotels: Hotels in the 4 star category usually have amenities such as: private bath, phone, minibar, TV, airconditioning. They usually have a bar, a spacious lobby, more than one restaurant etc.

5 STAR hotels: Hotels in the 5 star category are equivalent of First Class, Superior First Class or Deluxe depending on the hotel. Usually, they have pool(s), restaurants, bars, fitness centers, many amenties…