Adana in Turkey

Adana, the fourth largest city in Turkey, is in the heart of the fertile plain of Çukurova (ancient Cilicia) and is a growing industrial center.

Running through the city is the Seyhan River which offers many a shady tea garden and restaurant for relaxing evenings. There are also a number of Roman ruins in the city an deven more in the surrounding countryside. Famous local culinary delights include spicy. “Adana Kebab” and refreshing drinks like “Şalgam” and “Şıra”.

Main Events
August 3-5: International Symposium on Turkish Culture

Major Sights in the Environs
Taşköprü (Roman bridge), Ulu Cami (Grand Mosque), Eski Cami, Hasan Cami, Etnography and Archeology Museums, Bedesten

Tours and Excursions
Seyhan Dam, Yumurtalık Beach, Karataş Fishing village, Tarsus ( Cleopatra Gate, Karaburçak Park with its eucalyptus trees, Tarsus Falls), Yakapınar (Misis), Dilekkaya (Anavarza)

Adana Airport
Road: Connections to all major cities in Turkey
Rail: From İstanbul, İzmir, or Ankara