Antalya among top 5 destinations

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has chosen Mediterranean resort Antalya, Turkey as one of the top 5 tourist destinations in the World.

The World Travel & Tourism Council has announced that 1 billion tourists are forecasted to have traveled across in 2012.

Among findings of the council the United States and France are recorded to be the two largest destinations for world travel. However a substantial growth in tourism has been observed in countries such as Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and the Ivory Coast, which were not of much importance in regards to tourism industry antil several years ago.

Talking about 1 billion tourists, it means one in seven people on the planet will be among the travelling lot this year. When we go back in time to look at the profile of travellers, we see that people with average income were not able to go on such tours until a while ago and the wealthy group was the target for tourism companies.

As can be understood from these figures there is a tremendous growth in the number of people who want to travel around the world.

This is partly due to mass communication and the economical flight fees as well as the increase in average income.

Antalya which is one of the major tourist destinations in Turkey currently is certainly destined to be the major spot in Europe not before long, experts say.