Istria (Croatia).. heart-shaped peninsula

This is a heart-shaped peninsula located at the top of the Adriatic. Many see it as hidden garden of beauty opening the door to the sunny and warm Mediterranean..

This is a multicultural and hospitable region where you will enjoy a blend of wide-ranging diversities..

Entertainment and relaxation can be found in Medveja, Lovran and Cape Kamenjak beaches of Istria Croatia. As the evening sets in, night life gives you a chance to clear some of the tan picked up during the day.
Revelers can gyrate at discos and clubs full of cutting-edge music. For the quiet types, charter yachts, camping sites and resorts provide a rare equanimity amidst natural beauty, so dearly missing in cities.

A visit to Istria Croatia can bring back zing into your life.

ROVINJ CROATIA: This is a city full of life. It is a fishing port located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula.

Entertainment: The most beautiful town of the Adriatic coast comes alive at the night. Monvi, a multimedia centre is the focus of all the entertainment that can make you forget your worries. Its picturesque locales amidst sea and beaches are a tourist’s delight. The special aura of the romance language town is naturism, free body culture or simply nudism. Rovinj Croatia provides you with camping sites for long drawn family vacations surrounded by unimaginable waterfront along with modern facilities. Rovinj Croatia also gives you variety of animation programmes as well as the facility of water sports.

POREC CROATIA:  This is one of the most popular places in Europe.. A 2000 year old heritage city, Porec Crotia, surrounded by the natural harbor, with a consistent mild climate can be enjoyed for what it is.

Historical places: The house of two saints, pentagonal towers, and the Romanesque House are some of the many historical sites which hold visitor’s attention. The city gives you an active vacation as well as seclusion for those who look for peace of mind.The restaurants, taverns, resorts vie with each other to offer you the best vacation. Porec Crotia no doubt heads the list of the most sought after place in Europe

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