Crystal Clear.. Sardinia Sea


Emerald, cobalt, sapphire, turquoise, cystal: such are the hues of the waters that lap Sardinia, famous for their incredible clarity. Here the sea is in a pure state, enveloping an island with a wealth of personality but one that is rather shy about displaying itself, almost as if it wanted to keep its best for those with the patience and tenacity to go in search of it.

Bewitching beaches, white as snow or pink as the flamingos that spend the winter there, and rocks sculpted into bizarre shapes by wind and sea.  All this is so spellbinding that many give up on the discovery of its most recondite beauty. That of the interior, where stand the massive remains of the ancient “nuraghi” mysterious towers thousands of years old whose purpose is still not wholly understood, and where majestic mouflons and the tiny horses of the Giara graze in freedom.