Gastronomic experience in Spain


Spain is a country with many offerings for those visiting this land of music, bull fighting and football.. Talking about a visit to Spain one of the first things that come to mind are matadors and flamenco.

However Spain is a destination where you can experience wonderful tastes and most probably for the first time in your life if you have not been to this country before.

Yes, in Spain, gastronomy is much, much more than simply sitting down to eat. It is a way of life in which you are warmly invited to take part.

We are talking about scouring the forest in search of wild mushrooms, enjoying the pleasures of Spain’s gastronomic festivals, visiting food-themed museums… and even the chance to form part of a culinary team led by one of Spain’s top chefs!

For instance you can discover for yourself how to make wine, oil, cheese, sausages, beer, sweets… In Aragon for example, you’ll find businesses that organise this type of activities through guided visits. The winery owner himself will show you the tanks, barrels and the bottling plant; You can see at first hand a typical almazara (oil press) in operation and the secrets of pastry-making in the only private cake and pastry-themed museum in Aragon and furthermore visit one of the oldest beer factories in Spain…


You can take a tour to Zaragoza where you’ll have the chance to experience two guided visits which are absolutely mouth-watering. The ‘Chocotour’ will show you the sweetest chocolate-makers in the city, and the ‘Saborea Zaragoza’ (‘Taste Zaragoza’) tour will uncover the origins and the flavours of the typical gastronomy of Zaragoza. The activities involve a visit to a food workshop, and the chance to sample typical products in traditional establishments.

And that is not all… In the province of Huesca you’ll find wineries where you can sample the best wines in the region. What’s more, you’ll also be able to visit vineyards, take part in guided tasting sessions and take some of your favourite wine back home with you.

A trip to Spain may really be rewarding