Gastronomy Egyptian cuisine

Some of the world’s most delicious and healthiest cuisine can be found in Egypt. With influences from the Mediterranean and Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the dishes of modern day Egypt combine fresh often brightly coloured vegetables and fruit straight off the tress with fish, seafood, meats and an abudance of pulses, aromatic herbs and strong spices.

While many cooking practices are much the same as they were in Pharaonic times, the periods of history that saw, among others, the Ottomans and the French live alongside the Egyptians, bringing with them their very distinct style of cooking, hes left an indelible mark.

Typically, a meal will start with soup, such as melokhiyah made from green leafy vegetables.

There are many soup recipes that use tomatoes, watercress, pulses or beans, with herb such as fennel giving them a real kick. Garlic is used lavishly, as is onion. Spices too