Imperia, on Italian Riviera

IMPERIA ITALYWhen Italian Riviera is referred to towns such as Naples come into mind straightaway.

However there is another beautiful place right out of heaven on the same coast. The place is called Imperia.. This is a coastal city and the capital of the Imperia province on the Italian Riviera. The town is famous for its cultivation of olives and flowers. Many of tourists from all over Italy and other countries are attracted to the region during the summer months.

Imperia, has a very famous indoor pool called Piscina Felice Cascione. The place hosts several international and national aquatics events.

The town consists of the two historical districts of Porto Maurizio and Oneglia, which lie on either side of the River Impero that has given its name to the city.

Porto Maurizio is situated on a peninsula to the west of the river, stretching along the coastline. It is the more colourful and wealthy district of the city, threaded by narrow lanes known as carrugi, and its economy centres around the tourist industry. It was a possession of Genoa from the 13th century.

Oneglia (Inéja in Ligurian) lies on an alluvial plain to the east of the Impero, and with its working port is the more modern and industrial of the two districts. At its centre lies Dante Square, from which radiate some of the principal roads of the city.

The economy of Imperia is based on tourism, food industry (olive oil and pasta), a specialized agriculture (olive groves and flowers in greenhouses) and on trading and harbour activities. The seaside tourism represents an important aspect of the economy of Imperia. It is necessary, though, to recognize that the tourism development does not seem adequately supported as accommodation facilities (hotels, clubs, etc.) lack infrastructure (street network, car parks) and the environmental care (beaches, hinterland, etc.) shows some deficiency.

Attractions in Imperia

San Maurizio Cathedral : The beautiful cathedral of San Maurizio is located in Porto Maurizio. The cathedral had been built in 1781 by Gaetano Cantoni. It has a classic façade and is a very important religious monument in the city. Also, the cathedral is the largest in the Liguria region which makes it very important landmark in Imperia.

Parasio: Parasio is the old town in Porto Maurizio. This beautiful quarter of the city is definitely worth a visit since there are many interesting surprises in store in this part of the city. This part of the city is characterized by many narrow winding lanes that are lined with ancient houses, some of which are crumbling. There are also many good stores and shops in this part of the town.

Imperia – Fishpond in Grock Villa: One of the most important religious places in Imperia other than the cathedral is the Santa Chiara Convent. The convent had been first built in 1365 and had to be reconstructed later. The present day façade had been built in 1741. The architecture of the convent is quite classic and beautiful.

Villa Grock: Villa Grock is located in Oneglia district of Imperia. This is not a very large villa but it is still worth a visit because of its beautiful architecture which has several details and carvings.

San Giovanni Battista Church: In Oneglia the San Giovanni Battista church is worth visiting. The church had been built between 1739 and 1762 and has been renovated a few times later. Inside the church are several beautiful art works and elegant ornamental decorations.

Santa Maria Maggiore: The Santa Maria Maggiore church is located in Montegrazie and is smaller than the other churches in the city.