Italian food and restaurants in Rome

Italian food and restaurants in Rome

Italian Food –

When you go to Italy it is most likely you will have already heard about the Italian food. Having said that it is not only about spagetti and pizza, for certain… Because Italians love to eat.. It is a sort of life style for them and despite their easy-going “ whatever happens, happens” attitude, when it has to do with food they can become really fussy.

You can enjoy delicious tastes in various restaurants whne you are in Italy. Rome for instance offers so many alternatives where one can taste unparallelled Italian specialties..

The strategy here should if you see a restaurant packed with locals, you should go for it and it is likely you won’t be wrong and it will be a good place. Because the city centre is crowded with tourists and you do not want to fall into a tourist trap.

It is good to know there are possibilities for every pocket and for every mood. There are hip spots that attract a fashionable crowds, haute cuisine restaurants, countless pizzerias, those popular eateries called ”trattorie”, where it is not hard to find an old mama(no, it is not only a stereotype, I have stepped into a couple of those myself!) making fresh hand made pasta or even wine bars where you can nibble while enjoying a glass of wine.


Italian Restaurants –

Some of the good restaurants would be as follows for instance;

Roman Cuisine restaurants

Da Lucia, via del Mattonato 2B, Phone: 06/580301 location area: Trastevere
Opened in 1938, this rustic, family run trattoria serves generous servings of traditional home made Roman cuisine such as Roman style gnocchi and cuttlefish with snow peas

Agata e Romeo, via c. Alberto 45, Phone: 06/4466115  area: Esquilino
A little pricey and elegant, it brings Roman cuisine to the next level: Roman dishes with a bit of an edge, mixing tradition with some creativity. Good wine list.

Giggetto, Via del Portico D’Ottavia 21/9, Phone: 06/6861105 area: Jewish Ghetto
Set in the Old Jewish Ghetto, only steps away from the Portico D’ Ottavia and the Synagogue, it is well renowed for its Roman- jewish dishes.

Seafood (frutti di mare) restaurants

Crab, via Capo D’ Africa 2, Phone: 06/77203636 area: Celio/ Colosseum
Not far from the Colosseum, it is a good address for fish lovers, offering lobster, oysters, crab, sea bass, octopus- you name it, they got it

La Gensola, piazza Gensola 5, Phone: 06/58332758 area: Trastevere
In this fish Rome’s restaurant of old tradition, located in a XV th century palazzo, you can savour pasta dishes with sea-urchin, grilled cod with tomato sauce and tuna fish.

International cuisine

Duke, viale Parioli 200, Phone: 06/80662455 area: Parioli
Hip, hot spot that attracts a glamourous crowd with amazing, creative and sometimes exotic food, inspired by California and the West Coast and cooked by a great Chef. Also cocktail bar. Chic location and chic crowd

Akropolis, via San Francesco a Ripa 103, Phone: 06/5833260 area: Trastevere
In a non formal and casual ambience, you can enjoy real greek recipes such as moussaka , spanakopita, wine. leaves and much more. Open only evenings

and there are many more  such as Pizzerie, Vegetarian cuisine, Italian cuisine ones…