The Ionian Sea.. Italy


A marvellous curve of wild, sunkissed beauty: more than any other area, the Ionian Sea offers profoundly close contact with nature.

Corners of unchanging beauty where the vivid colours of the vegetation alternate with the extraordinary remains left by the many ancient peoples who, seduced by the landscape, put down  their roots  there: from the Phoenicians to the Greeks, and from the Normans to the Arabs.

A wreath of small tourist centres overlooking an enchanted sea, where you can enjoy the relaxing rise and fall of the wawes

Moving towards the interior, we find the primitive charm of a natural environment still partly unexplored: the extensive forests  of the Poliino, the gentle slopes of the Sila and the jagged peaks of the Aspromonte, home to the last packs of wolves and the almost extinct Bonelli’s eagle