Kütahya thermal centers

Kütahya is an important city for thermal centers and the only one in the country to have 6 in the same area. The most important of these are Ilıca Harlek and Yoncalı. The thermal center at Yoncalı has been in use since A.D. 762 . The city of Kütahya is also known for the beautiful of its ceramics and tiles.

The thermal waters at Ilıca Harlek flow at 41 liters/second. At Yoncalı the capacity is 36-41 lit/second.

The waters of Ilıca HArlek vary in temperature from 25°C to 43°C and at Yoncalı from 32-36°Cç The waters of Ilıca HArlek and Yoncalı contain magnesium, calcium and bicarbonate. The waters are useful to those suffering from rheumatism, dermatological problems,neurological disordes, gynecological problems, liver disordes, insomnia, and gall bladder and backbone complaints. The waters at Yoncalı are particularly beneficial for gout, lumbago and fractures.

Other hot springs in the Kütahya Province include.

Ilıcasu Kaplıca

Located 18km from Gediz. The thermal water flow at 23 lit/sec and is 78-79°C with a pHof 6,5-7,i9

Murat Dağ Kaplıca

Located 30km. from Gediz. The thermal water flow at 23lit/sec. and is 31-42°C with a pHof 5,3

Simav Eynal
Located 4 km. from Simav. This geyser with a pH 9,7 emits steam at 163°C

Emet Yeşil Kaplıca
Located 200m grom Emet. The thermal water flow at 5lt and is 43°C