Lakes in Italy & “Romance”


Great tongues of water  that make their way between woods and cliff faces unwilling to stand aside.

Little villages dotting the shores. Sumptuous residences that dominate the most evocative corners, their solitary presence embellished by an aristocratic frame made up of centuries-old trees and perfect gardens.

Fragments of land in the middle of water, enchanted islands that have sprung out of nowhere, little earthly paraadises where time seems to have stood still.

Solitary abbeys from whose windows the charm of the landscape is conducive to contemplation.

Lakes Garda, Maggiore, Lario and other smaller kin, Lakes Iseo and Orta, all offer a calm to be enjoyed in an unhurried manner, corner after corner, view after view, enchantment after enchantment.

The Smaller Lakes

Small stretches of crystal-clear water in which the great mountain peaks are placidly reflected. Almost perfect liquid circumferences, a reminder of their volcanic origins. Segments of blue that gently break up the infinite lines of the contours of the landscape. From the great Alpine valleys to the sunkisssed plains of Sicily, all of Italy is dotted by lakes with a thousand faces.

Gelid but fascinating like those of the mountains, gentle and welcoming like Trasimeno andthe lakes of Bolsena and Bracciano, evocative and untamed like Lesina and Varano, seperaated from the sea only by a long sandbar.

Evocative guardians of ancient secrets such as Lago di Resia/Reschensee whose waters drowned the old town of Curon Venosta/Graun in Vischgau, leaving only the austerre-bell-tower standing in the middle of the lake.