Libya, A Crossroads of History

TRIPOLI1Libya which is located on the Mediterranean shore of North Africa hosts some of the most important and richest ruins of ancient Roman and Greek cities.

It is the fourth country in the continent of Africa. Tripoli is the capital and place where many business people from allover the world come to do business including construction projects in the first place.

Among these cities are Sabratha, Cyrene and Leptis Magna where you can feel you are back in history. Libya has some splendid monuments on its shores. LIBYA_MAPEven in the capital Tripoli where the Sahara meets the Mediterranean, you can see so many traces of an ancient style.

Talking about desert scenery hardly any other country compares to what Libya has to offer. A vast majority of the country belongs to the Sahara desert, which offers enormous seas of sand, as large as the size of many European countries. There are some incredibly beautiful oasis towns such as Ghadames and Ghat.