Lika- Karlovac… the area richest in natural Heritage

The most scarcely poplated part of Croatia stretches between the coastal regions of Kvarnerand Dalmatia on one hand and the interior Pannonian Croatia on the other. This area comprises the major part of the mountainous region of Croatia- the entire region of Lika, a minor part of the Gorski kotar and a smaller part of the littoral region beneath the Velebit Mountain and a part of the Island of Pag. This region also comprises a part of Pannonian Croatia around the city of Karlovac, an important transport hub, which is the crossroad for all major roads from the interior to the coast. Out of all the regions that have acces to the Adriatic, the Lika-Karlovac region is the largest

The tourist region Lika Karlovac comprises two counties- the Lika-Senj Country and the Karlovac Country. The Lika- Senj Country is the largest croatian country, but is also the most scarcely populated as it is characterised by extremely mountainous karst areas ant wild littoral areas beneath the biggest Croatian mountain– the Velebit. The Karlovac Country is also not densely populated as it comprises the area of Pannonian Croatia that is naturally rich and has more karst areasas it is nearest to the mountains. . The Lika- Karlovic region is renowned for it is richnesin karst phenomena and a high level of biodiversity. It is no surprise, therefore, that ouf of all the croatian regions, this one is richest in natural monuments

It is this region that to of the eight national parks are located as wellas the major part of the largest of all of Croatia’s nature parks, Velebit. The Velebit reserve and some order small areas enjoy the strictest form of nature protection in Croatia. Together these parks spread over an area larger than all the other protected areas in Croatia. This is why this region is considered to be the lungs of Croatia. Due to the karst relief and its inaccessability, as well as for historical reasons, with numerous wars fought here, the region is one of the least5 densely populated areas of Croatia