Trekking in the Bolkar Mountains, in Mersin region

Trekking in the Bolkar Mountains, in Mersin region

Continuing the line of summits in a southeasterly direction, the Bolkar Mountains are bounded by the Göksu River to the west and the Pozantı River to the east. The northern part of the mountains lives in Niğde province while the southern peaks rise in Mersin province.

The mountains exhibit interesting geological caharacteristics. Made of sedimentary material such as limestone and dolomites, the range reveals excellent examples of nappes, or folds in the layers of rocks.

There are vast formations of karst as well as landscapes that reveal the effect of glacier and water erosion. Despite this erosion, no real water network has developed on the mountains. Because of the sedimentary creating large areas of karst, such as Pozantı and Şekerpınarı. The highest peaks of the Bolkar are : Medetsiz, Keşifdağı, Koyunaşağı, Tahtakaya and Eğerkaya. The northern flank receives the most exposure to snow and glacier formation; it is nevertheless the best route for an ascent to the highest summits of the Bolkar.

This region hosts one of the most popular trekking routes in Turkey. The tour can start from Elmalı and and go down to the Kas coast where one can meet “LYKIAN way”. It should be noted that it is a wide region and trekking here under high temperatures (in summer) will need a good plan and several days. On the route it is possible to see plenty of cedar trees and beautiful nature. At the end of the journey one will be rewarded with the great sea of Kas.

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