Molyvos on Lesvos island .. Authentic Greece

Molyvos is a Greek village in Lesvos island in the Aegean Sea .. The island is unexploited and full of voluptuous richness of green on the eastern part and barren and volcanic rocks on the western part. It has a great history which includes many great personalities such as Sappho, Arion, Pitakos, Theofilos etc.. The island will inspire you with its supreme nature and beauty, special sea shores, fisherman villages and certainly cultural heritage..

Molyvos on the other hand is a very unique and authentic village with narrow, stone-paved alleys will travel you back in time to another era and every corner you see will surprise you..

Unexpected glimpses of the sea while walking through the alleys, shops clinging onto the edge of the rocks with their balconies overlooking the Aegean Sea, the medieval castle at the top of the village, two-storey mansions, stone made fountains and pine trees in the gardens.

Nature has blessed this place in a unique way but what really makes Molyvos so different is its inhabitants. They are simple people, enthusiasts with a liveliness and spirit rarely found at our times. They will treat you as their fellow villagers and share with you their true love for Molyvos..


The Geopark  and the Natural History Museum

This park is one of the few protected natural monuments in the world and has been voted the best of its kind in Europe for the year 2011.

Thermal Springs

You can bath in natural thermal springs spouting from within the sea, the Aegean Sea spread out in front of your eyes and behind you an olive grove riding up a cliff. You are in the heart of one of the oldest springs of Greece.

Aristotle’s Lagoon and the birds of Lesvos

Aristotle the father of logic and political philosophy once roamed the lagoon of ancient Pirra, nowadays known as Kalloni.

The mountain ranges of Lepetymnos and Olympos, the water lagoon of Kalloni are protected by Natura 2000 in order to preserve the unexploited Lesvos. The island offers one of the best spots for observation  of rare migratory birds as well as for its unique flora and fauna.

Walking routes

Waterfalls, undiscovered gullies full of green, unexplored caves, running waters, vineyards, olive gardens, chestnut groves, planes with raare flowers and cliffs with many species of herbs, monastries, healing springs, castles, bridges and old water mills, ancient villages etc.. There will be plenty waiting for you, on the island..