Motorcycle sport in Valencia


Among the offerings of Spain one can surely enjoy motorcycle sport in Valencia…

Valencia is located on the Mediterranean Sea about 350 km east of Madrid and 350 km south of Barcelona and it enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate year round.  This city is world-renowned as the birthplace of paella, for the America’s Cup Sailing Regatta, and for Las Fallas, a local festival where giant floats made out of carton are paraded through Valencia’s streets and then, on the last day of the festival, all lit on fire.

For motorcycle fans Valencia is known for its Cheste Motorcycle Racetrack.   At this track the last Moto GP race of the season is held every year!  Many times it comes down to this last motorcycle race of the season to see who will be crowned champion!  Valencia has always been known as a motorcycle city and apart from its famous racetrack several famous motorcycle racers hail from this region such as: Ricardo Tormo, Jorge Martinez Aspar and Nico Terrol.  Valencia is perfect as a riding destination as it has incredible nearby mountains that are perfect for motorcycling.

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