Nightlife in Lebanon


Lebanon has been very widely known in thee world lately due to the big political conflict and civil war in the country. This is a true shame as this beautiful country has always been referred to as the “Paris of the Middle East” for ages..

The author of this article has been to Beirut twice and keeps very nice memories of the place; Both in terms of places to see and Lebanese people, incredible quality of service and all…

Lebanese people are mostly very educated and intellectual.. A great majority speak at least 2 foreign languages, namely English and French.. They are really warm and friendly and no doubt helpful… They like to work, do business in specific and have been good merchants for ages…

The religion conflict (as much as seen on the surface) has cost Lebanon so much, both material wise as well as so many human lives… When one stops to think “why” there is no logical explanation really except for the greed of super powers, playing every dirty game all around the world to make sure they always win.. and win and more & more..

As for entertainment in Lebanon, Beirut is surely the nightlife capital of the country, not to forget there are also many other alternatives in other parts of this beautiful land.

After a sightseeing day you can  take a chance  at the Casino du Liban or see one of Beirut’s many attractive nightclubs. Rue Monot in Achrafiyé is a hot spot for clubs and bars and the latest fad restaurants.You will no doubt find the type of music in fashion at that specific time and dance through the night. At some of such places it would also be possible to listen to Arab Latin music.

It is a fact that several towns along the coast or in the mountains outside of Beirut have become more popular spots for entertainment, especially in the busy summer season as people want to escape the heat of the city.

Then again you might as well try the nightlife on the coast north of Beirut, such as Jounié or in the picturesque port town of Batroun. Broummana, a scenic hillside town with cafés, restaurants, and discos, located 23km east of Beirut, is also humming on the weekends.

To recap, one thing iss for sure you will never regret being in Beirut in specific…


Thanks to jadefares  for beautiful video