Roman Sites in Southern France

Once upon a time, Romans built one of the greatest empires in the world. They invaded a very large part of Europe including Southern France, where they left a lot of architectural masterpieces behind them, to survive until our times.

It is said that the Romans began to occupy France in 52 BC, to stay there for almost five centuries.

Among the most important pieces thus left behind are;

PONT_De_GARDThe PONT DE GARD a large Aqueduct situated between Nimes and Avignon which was used to carry drinking water to Nimes. The interesting part is it was constructed without the use of mortar. This magnificent Roman monument is inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. A masterpiece that is indisputable proof of the genius and expertise of architects and engineers of ancient Rome, who built this superbly preserved aqueduct over 2,000 years ago. The Pont du Gard has made it through the centuries and survived periods of neglection and degradation, and even major floods of the river that flows past: the Gardon.

Maison_CarreeMAISON CARREE which is a splendid Roman temple in the city of Nimes and the “Amphitheatre” s used for concerts, bullfighting and public events.

Arles is another town where a fine ROMAN ARENA is still in use,

VIA_DOMITIAStill another ROMAN THEATRE built on a small hillside in the city of Orange has preserved its stage and is in superb condition.

A very much worth mentioning piece of architecture is the the oldest ROMAN ROAD built in France the VIA DOMITIA linking Rome in Italy with Cadiz in Spain. It was constructed in 118 BC. Most of its route still survives and many Roman bridges and ruins can be found along its way.