Sailing in the republic of Crotia

The skipper of a vessel entering the territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia by sea must take the shortest route to the nearest port open to international traffic in order to carry out border  control formalities, to obtain the relevant offical vignette and for the verification of crew members and passenger list at the Harbour Master’s Office, or branch office.

The skipper of a vessel which is brought into Croatia by road or which is moored in aport or in some other approved location within the Republic of Croatia, must obtain the offical vignette and verify the list of crew members and passangers in the Harbour Master’s Office, or a branch office prior to setting out the sea.

The vignette must be obtained for a vessel of 3m or more in lenght, as wessel less than  3 m in length if its total propulsion power is 5 KW or more

The officail vignette is not obligatory for a vessel using only oars/paddies, regardiess of its length. The offical vignette is not required by a vessel while in storage in a port or in any other such approved place in the Republic of Croatia.