The best beaches in Italy


ITALY-BERCHIDA-BEACHYou are in Italy or would like to visit this country in the summer.. You like swimming and look forward to seeing some of the beautiful beaches in this country.. Which ones should you really take the time and effort to see?? Down below is a useful article to help you with this “concern” 🙂

Italy is among the countries with the longest coastline in Europe. It would not be wise to enjoy its spectacular beaches on the Tyrrhenian, the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea if you are in Italy on holiday – just like thousands of travellers from all over the world do every summer.

Once you are on holiday in Italy you should definitely spare time to see some of the remarkable beaches in this country.

These are Berchida, Punta Prosciutto (Li prisuti), Capo Vaticano, Rabbit Beach, Maremma ( In Cala Violina), The coast south of Ravenna (Natural Park of Po Delta), Chiaia di Luna (Lazio), Cala rossa (Favignana), Riviera del Conero, Cala Bianca

These beaches all have unique characteristics and offer different beauties.

The beach of Berchida which stretches from Capo Comino to Orosei for instance, is characterized by its clear sea, shallow waters, secluded reefs, spectacular coves and white-sand beaches. This beach, not yet a mass tourism destination, is considered one of the most pleasant bays in Europe. Berchida can be reached by following a dirt road from Capo Comino to Posada.

Punta Prosciutto, or “Li prisuti” as the locals call it on the other hand, is a beach located between the provinces of Taranto and Lecce. Known for its natural park Palude del Conte and rich vegetation, this beach is a magnificent oasis in one of Salento’s most beautiful locations.

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