The Lake Vrana

Close to PAKOŠTANE, on the opposite side of the Adriatic road, only 2 kilometers  from the coast is situated another natural phenomenon of the Zadar riviera – the fresh- water lake of Vrana. It is 14 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide. Close to the lake there are the fertile fields of Vrana.

Northward from the lake there are the fragments of the old town of Vrana and of the Turkish caravanserai. The town of Vrana was founded in the period of the first Croation kings , while in the Middle ages it was ruled by the Knights Ivanhoes and Templars.

Nowadays the Vrana lake is an interesting natural phenomenon offering, numerous exceptional possibilities. It is an ornithological refuge, with several protected bird species, such as, for example, heron.

The lake offers the pleasures of fresh- water fishing only a few kiolmoters  from the sea. Visitors can enjoy horse riding along the lake and camping next to it.