The Ligurian Sea

Villages struggling to find enough space, set like tiny jewels between the blue expanse of the sea and the luxuirant greenery of the mountains looming above them.

Here the buildings boldly to the hillsides are painted in the brightest colours. Silent alleyways wind their way among the houses, clustered close together to make the best use of every square inch wrested from an untemed nature.

The towns and villages on the Ligurian Sea show themselves a little at a time, proud quardians of truly ancient traditions. They also offer unforgettable views: the picturesque square in Portofino, the scene of thousands of meetings between the powerful.

The five villages of the Cinque Terre and the Via dell’amore, the path of love, that connects them. The profusion of flowers in San Remo. And the thousands of little villages that, from the tops of the mountains, enjoy the peace and beauty of marvellous views.