The Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy

The Tyrrhenian Sea –

Long beaches of golden sand, ancient towns, sheer cliffs plunging  into the sea. The Tyrrhenian is an endless succession of experiences and emotions linked by a single common denominator: the bright blue  of the waters that mark the boundary between land and sea.

A journey through history in which all are free to stop in the place closest to their heart; the sunny, well frequent beach resorts of Versilia with their lively night life, the wild countryside of the Maremma, the historic coasts once home to the mysterious Etruscans, the celebrated Sorrento peninsula, the romantic Amalfi Coast or the suggestive, untamed coast of Calabria.

Whereever you stop, there is certainty: a stone’s throw from the foreshore a world of art and culture lies waiting to be explored.