Turkish Mediterranean – Coastal Towns

Turkish Mediterranean - Coastal Towns

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Turkey which is the shining star of the Tourism Industry offers tourists unlimited opportunities. The  Mediterranean shores of the country also called the TURQUOISE COAST is almost 1600 km long, with mostly beautiful sand beaches and many amazing ruins from hundreds and thousands of years ago.  Along this wonderful coast there are plenty of picturesque summer resorts where tourists can spend the holiday of their life-time.

TURKISH RIVIERABelow are important towns and holiday resorts on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey;

Adana, Anamur, Antakya, Antalya, Beldibi, Belek, Bodrum, Dalaman, Dalyan, Demre/Myra , Fethiye, Finike, Göcek, Hatay, Içel, Iskenderun, Kalkan, Kas, Kemer, Kızkalesi, Köyceğiz, Manavgat, Marmaris, Mersin, Olimpos, Ölüdeniz , Patara, Phaselis Side, Silifke, Taşucu, Tarsus, Üçağız/Kale

lycian rock tombsHISTORICAL SITES

On the other hand some of the most fantastic historical ruins from past civilizations are located in this region as well. Among these are;

Side: Ancient Hellenistic theatre and the Temple of Apollo (Side)
Antalya: Historical Fortress / Kaleici, Fluted minaret / Yivli Minare from the Seljuks sultan Alaeddin the Archaeological Museum
Perge: An important city in Pamphylia, visited by St. Paul during his missionary journeys.. the city gate flanked by lofty towers, theatre and baths are of interest.
Aspendos: An important centre of trade during Roman times… with a very impressive theatre built in approx, 162AD, the aqueduct, which supplied water to the city is an impressive sight as well
Alanya: Once a pirate spot on the Mediterranean, Redtower (Kızıl Kule) which protected the dockyards in Seljuk times, the old fortress (kale) with its well preserved walls, towers and Byzantine church
TURKISH_RIVIERA_MAPPhaselis: Lycian port city were once a major commercial centre, The remains are mostly Roman and include a theatre, baths, aqueducts, Hadrian’s Gate, an agora and an acropolis
Olympos and Yanartas (Chimaera): The ancient city, prominent in Lycian times, the ruins include baths, a temple, Roman theatre and necropolis, legendary burning flame of Yanartas, literally ‘burning stone’.
Demre: also known as Kale, the ancient city of Myra, famous for its connection with St. Nicholas, the Roman theatre, overlooked by spectacular rock tombs, dating from the 4th century BC

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