Where and what to eat in Greece

Where and what to eat in Greece


Greece is a country in the Mediterranenan where one can enjoy numerous tastes. People in this region must have had unlimited spare time to put together some of the best dishes in the world, leave alone Europe. People who have visited this Mediterranean country almost always say it is a privilege to have experienced delicious tastes of Greek cuisine.

Greece offers a large variety of restaurants and bars, whether you are looking for traditional cuisine, hip bar restaurants or haute gastronomy. Most of these places are usually based on tasty and fresh Mediterranean Cuisine, but through Cycladia’s restaurant guide of Greece, you will also find amongst the best restaurants in Greece, plenty of good foreign cuisine restaurants, fusion restaurants or alternative bar restaurants.

Greek Traditional Cuisine reflects the old roots of Greek civilization, blended with foreign influences.


One can enjoy dishes with characteristic tastes, the simplicity behind the discerning use of fresh ingredients, herbs, spices and olive oil with utmost satisfaction.

It is explained by visitors that this cuisine offers the most vibrant and tasty dinings they have experienced, regardless of this person is a meat, fish or vegetarian eater.

On the other hand this very unique country also offers a vivid nightlife, whether the visitor is looking for a romantic jazz bar facing the sea to enjoy a refreshing cocktail or wishes to dancethe night away t in the exciting clubs of Athens, Thessaloniki as well as the Greek Islands.