Why is Italy a paradise to live in? Italian Food

Why is Italy a paradise to live in? Italian Food

Italian Sea Food

Why is Italy a paradise to live in? Many people who have already visited Italy say this country is among the top countries to live for three simple reasons: Culture, Climate & Food.. They believe it is possible to find whatever you’re passionate about—fabulous food and wines…  stunning landscapes, seascapes and townscapes…art, history, opera, fashion…even world-class soccer… in this fabulous country.

Talking about reasons why one should consider living in Italy, food is definitely very important. This beautiful country is certainly famous for its delicious cuisine.

It is very likely pizza is the first thing that would come to your mind talking about Italian food. However, if that is the case authentic Italian food would mean a revelation for you. For instance it is amazing to see how well Italians use seafood in their specialties, to make mixed seafood (fritto misto di mare)…


Red mullet…fresh calamari; wild boar…parma ham…veal escalopes in Marsala wine are material you would often come across in delicious tastes on your table… You would also enjoy some best meals in a simple trattoria where mama and grandma would be working in the kitchen preparing actual feasts…

Talking about Italian food on the other hand, it would not be fair not to mention real espresso coffee.

GELATOOne other point worth mentioning is in Italy, pasta is normally eaten as a starter, not a main dish. In addition to popular dishes such as lasagne and spaghetti you would be offered Ravioli which gets stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese…with artichokes and onions…with zucchini and shrimp.

Gelato is another Italian specialty.. It is the famous ice-cream of Rome and means “frozen” in Latin. Gelato is made with milk, cream, various sugars, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purees. It is generally lower in calories, fat and sugar than ice cream. Gelato is a type of soft ice cream containing a relatively small amount of air. By statute, gelato in Italy must have at least 3.5% butterfat, with no upper limit established. (Publish date: 19 OCTOBER 2014)