Zakynthos Island in Greece

Zakynthos Island in Greece

Beautiful Beach, Zakynthos Island –

The island of Zakynthos in Greece which has a total area of 406 square km is surrounded by the clear blue water of the Ionian Sea. You can swim at sandy beaches together with turtles or enjoy scuba diving in crystal clear waters in underwater caves surrounding the island. Trekking-tour in the mountain-areas, sailing and surfing are among other activities tourists can enjoy in this paradise. The island has a sunny weather mostly and a hospitable people ready to welcome you.

Zakynthos ( Zante ) is the southernmost of the Ionian Islands and is known to be the island loved by Homer, Solomos, Kalvos and Edgar Allan Poe. It is the island of serenades, love and joking, the island of paradise.

ZAKYNTHOSAmong culture places to visit on the island are;

The new Museum of Zakynthos
The New Museum, with artwork in the Byzantine and post- Byzantine style, is located at Solomou Square.  These famous works of art were displayed in New York/USA, in September 1999

Museum Solomos & Kalvos
You can see the skeletons of the national poets Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvas in their mausoleums, in the The Museum Solomos and Kalvas

The weather is always right for beach activities and fun.
People of all ages will find something to keep them happy on the island.

ZAKYNTHOS COFFEE SHOPIt is observed that most families visit this paradise because of the white sandy beaches and calm waters that are very suitable for their little ones.

The south side of the island is great for scenic tours. The beaches have a view that is just amazing.

ZAKYNTHOS SHOPPINGAs for dining and wining some fine wines are available for visitors eating in traditional taverns and restaurants.

Another spot to discover would be the Smugglers Cove area  where you could take a walk to after diner. What you would see is a ship that is buried half in the sand with amazingly beautiful cliffs are to walk around and look out to the water.

ZAKYNTHOS SeafrontroadThe Cathedral of Saint Dennis is a beautiful place to see. Furthermore, if you are looking for an incredible sunset, you can go to Kami.

If you would like to see what the island looked like before the earthquake destroyed most of the area, you can visit the museum, which has a picture of the island as it was before the earthquake. This is something everyone should see. You can see the city as well as how much it changed in the rebuilding process. (17 Nov 2010 – updated 04 April 2018)